Episode 75: March 2024 Q&A and Case Study 150 150 Stephanie Thompson
In this episode I answer questions such as:
  • What are the best off ice exercises for sweeping training?
  • What are some important tips for skips in the off ice season?
  • How do I set goals for next year when I don’t have any big events?
  • Does using a stabilizer make it harder for me to switch to a broom?
  • And more.
  This months case study helps a curler who struggles with hitting the broom; they always slide to the right of the target.  

Question & time stamp:

2 min 52 sec Best off season exercises for off ice sweeping training 8 min 20 sec A friend is worried of long term damage to the body with the sweeping form, any advice? 12 min How can I improve hip pain in my drag leg that I experience when getting up from the delivery? 15 min 40 sec Important offseason training for skips 19 min 36 sec How would you suggest setting goals for the next season when there isn’t a specific event you/your team are training for?  22 min 34 sec I am a club curler. I once overheard a conversation while watching a game at the club. One person asked the other if she thought brand new curlers starting out using stabilizers to deliver are at a disadvantage because they take longer to develop balance because they start leaning on it and never really stop. In contrast, players starting out delivering with a brush must focus on balance from the beginning. Do you have any thoughts on this?   30 min 57 sec Case Study: This month I’ve had 3 different coaching sessions with athletes struggling to hit the broom and part of the fix was the same cue so I’m going to invent a case study so you can see my thought process. I’m going to describe them as a general curler, right handed, with a couple years experience. They play twice a week and spare occasionally, don’t get out to practice much but sometimes will throw a few rocks before the game starts and go in club day bonspiels. They’ve found that they always slide left of the target and they can’t figure out how to stop. This also makes them play with how they release the rock and sometimes they turn it in or get it started.   Key resources mentioned:   Some other great episodes to check out:  Listen & watch below, on your favourite streaming ap or on TheCurlingNews.com To stay as up-to-date as possible, make sure to join the Empowered Performance newsletter and to follow me on Instagram at @empoweredperformance   Take care,   Coach Steph

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Episode 75: March 2024 Q&A and Case Study

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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