Episode 66: Considerations for 1st year curlers -part 1: for the athletes 150 150 Stephanie Thompson
If you’re new to the curling world this episode is for you: Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your first few years. These are the things that can take years to learn, observe or be taught, but also things that can increase your enjoyment of the game early on. If you are new to curling, coach, or know someone who is new to curling give this a listen and share it with them. This is a 3-part series; with episodes directed at coaches and teammates coming soon. 6 tips discussed:
  1. The ice will change during a game
  2. Lower your expectations for precision
  3. Follow through
  4. Practice
  5. Don’t underestimate off ice work
  6. Your equipment matters
Listen and watch below, on your favourite streaming ap or directly on The Curling News Key resources:   Some other great episodes to check out:
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Episode 66: Considerations for 1st year curlers -part 1: for the athletes

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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