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In today’s episode I am joined all the way from Scotland by Frazer Shaw, the Assistant Manager of Curl Edinburgh. He shares with us his learnings about making ice and managing a curling club environment


We touch on what rocks are made of, how ice is made and what variables are important in making great ice. Fraser reminds us that there are tonnes of variables to consider when it comes to making great ice, and hopes that this episode deepens your appreciation for what your ice tech is doing from fall until spring!


We promise a future part 2 episode to discuss some typical conditions, and things you can consider when playing at a new curling club.

Key points

  • 3 types of granite used for curling rocks
  • 3 layers to your curling floor
  • 3+ types of brine (coolant)
  • 1.5+ inches of ice depending on various factors
  • Ice is a living thing

Key links mentioned:

Listen/watch below or on Curling News/SI

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Episode 63: Gaining an appreciation for ice making with Frazer Shaw -Part 1

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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