Episode 61: How to measure intensity 150 150 Stephanie Thompson
In today’s episode I discuss how to measure intensity using a 1-20 subjective RPE. I take the time to describe the different elements such as subjective intensity, heart rate, the talk test, and the breathing gears. I go through each and explain how to use them during training and a curling game. Key Resources Mentioned: Listen/watch on Curling News, below or your favourite streaming service In case you missed them, these episodes would be a great follow up listen:
  • Episode 03: Shut your mouth
  • Episode 11: The Bare Minimums (where I discuss The Canada’s Movement Guidelines)
  • Episode 32: 5 ways to improve your cardio that no one told you about
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Episode 61: How to measure intensity

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


R.Kin, B.Ed, CSEP-CPT, Competition Development Coach in training, 200 RYT in training
On & Off Ice rehab & performance training. Providing tools and education to move better & play better.

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