Episode 57: How to use your RHR to manage performance 1080 1080 Stephanie Thompson
What if you could easily make adjustments to your training and recovery practices to help keep you fit and healthy, adapt to your activities and be prepared to compete with less worry? Your RHR (resting heart rate) is an easy measurement to take whether you have a smart watch or just a pulse & a timer. If you track your RHR you can check to see if you are adapting to your training, if you need a rest day, and if your recovery practices are working.    In this episode I explain the relationship between your heart rate and your nervous system so that you can have a tool that helps you manage your own performance.   Key concepts & graphics:
  • RBR = resting breath rate -discussed in Cardio for Curling
  • RHR = resting heart rate
  • HRV = heart rate variability. Measures variability in heart rate; a representation of if you experience both sides of the autonomic nervous system.
  • The parasympathic nervous system (PSNS) — the side of the brian responsible for resting, digesting & recovery,
  • and the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) — fight, flight, freeze side of the brain.
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Episode 57: How to use your RHR to manage performance

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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