Episode 56: Core training for everyone with Erica Friedman 500 750 Stephanie Thompson
In today’s episode I am joined by in-person and virtual Personal Trainer and fellow Empowered Performance Academy member Erica Friedman.   Erica shares her perspective on what core training is, how to get the most out of your core training, and how to upgrade your current core training program to help you move well, improve your pelvic floor and maximize your day-to-day and athletic performance.   Key points
  • Pelvic floor & diaphragm coordination graphic
  • Core training is not done in isolation, a full body integration
  • Breathing, muscles supporting body, system & movement
  • Tension & gripping vs stabilizing
  • Breathing + pressure management
    • Awareness of ribcage
  • The stack
    • Leverages the breath
    • Trampoline example -not angled right or very stiff and not bouncy
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Episode 56: Core training for everyone with Erica Friedman

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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