Episode 50: Trust the Process with Brad Thiessen 828 510 Stephanie Thompson
In today’s episode I am joined by Brad Thiessen who shares his journey as one of Canada’s top front-enders.  Brad shares how he believes improving his fitness was integral in marking him as one of the best brushers in the world, why learning to prioritize your time is crucial, how to be the best teammate, and why you need to look after both your mental and physical health. Key points
  • Fitness test
  • Use teammates to help push each other
  • Prioritize time
  • Balance push and pull exercises
  • When experience an injury seek out help ASAP 
  • Rest days are important, listen to your body
  • Try to get your delivery to be as similar to teammates as possible, learn how to be a really good teammate for each other
  • How to be a great front ender/sweeper
  • It’s part of the sport to have bad games and bad weekends
  • Goal setting allows the team to get on the same page
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Episode 50: Trust the Process with Brad Thiessen

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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