Episode 49: Limbo Time & Types of Rest 828 809 Stephanie Thompson
Today’s episode is all about helping you set an intention for the “limbo time” between the end of one curling season, and the beginning of your off ice training program.   I discuss the importance of a full season plan, and provide some tips and tools to rest fully, recover physically & mentally, and how to use the time to move well and manage injuries.   Key Points:
  • What are the different macro-cycles in a full curling year
  • Why is it important to prioritize rest and recovery in the “post-season” or “limbo time” before you start focused training for next year
  • What are the 5 different types of rest
  • How can you use off ice training to manage and prevent injuries so that you are moving better and ready to train hard in the summer
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Episode 49: Limbo Time & Types of Rest

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


R.Kin, B.Ed, CSEP-CPT, Competition Development Coach in training, 200 RYT in training
On & Off Ice rehab & performance training. Providing tools and education to move better & play better.

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