Episode 48: Sassy Hips and Energy Leaks for both Runners and Curlers with Alison Marie 1440 1440 Stephanie Thompson
In today’s episode Alison Marie, PhD and I go into detail about how and why the organization of our internal organs can and will influence how well we move.    Alison shares her learnings as an athlete, personal trainer, engineer and running coach.   We dive into what the typical asymmetry looks like, how it might influence your movement, and most importantly, how it might affect your technique as a runner and a curler. Do you catch yourself doing the “sassy hip” and need some help balancing out those ‘twisted hips’? Alison provides her top 2 tips to adjust your training to help you feel balanced, aligned and move well.   Listen below, on your favourite streaming platform, or on The Curling News website.   Key points
  • We are asymmetrical inside, and that causes asymmetries in our posture and therefore influences the way we move
  • We naturally learn how to compensate for these asymmetries in order to accomplish movements
  • The goal isn’t to “be symmetrical” but to gain access to more movement options
  • Training makes moving easier so you can enjoy activity and improve performance
  • 2 things you can do TODAY to help offset these asymmetries in the body: (see below for videos)
    • Play with the way you breath in certain exercises (listen to learn how @ 60 minutes)
    • Isometric lateral lunge before reciprocal side to side exercise. Connect left low rib back as rotate over left side feel how that connects that side.
  Key links mentioned:   Announcement: I am hosting 3 virtual workshops this spring in partnership with the World Curling Academy (WCF). See show notes for more details on the Better Brushing, Balance & Power in the Delivery, and Cardio for Curling presentations. https://worldcurling.org/2023/03/fitness-workshops/    Episodes that pair well:
  • Episode 26: It’s not how you train, it’s how you recover with Melissa Doldron, RMT
  • Episode 28: Using performance gap analysis to dictate offseason training for curling
  • Episode 44: A conversation with Curling Canada’s Strength Coach Kyle Turcotte
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Episode 48: Sassy Hips and Energy Leaks for both Runners and Curlers with Alison Marie

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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