Episode 42: Brushing On Off Interval 150 150 Stephanie Thompson
Brushing isn’t always just head down and GO. We are often called on and off throughout a shot, and that’s exactly what this interval is helping prepare you for; being able to start and stop sweeping efficiently, keep your reflexes strong, and master managing your energy throughout a shot.  5 sets of: 30 seconds of on/off work, with 30 seconds of rest   You can listen on your fave streaming ap, or here: Better Brushing Winter 2022/23 cohort waitlist is open NOW.   Weekly Wednesday Free sample: https://youtu.be/KQRN8UnGcFQ    Episodes 40,41 and 42 are all sponsored by Empowered Performance; Rehab, fitness and on-ice performance coaching company for curlers by a curler. Available for in-person, virtual, group and educational opportunities. How to make or purchase your own Dryland Brushing Pad –here.

Providing tools & education to move better & improve performance. Proudly Canadian.

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Episode 42: Brushing On Off Interval

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


R.Kin, B.Ed, CSEP-CPT, Competition Development Coach in training, 200 RYT in training
On & Off Ice rehab & performance training. Providing tools and education to move better & play better.

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