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The Empowered Performance for Curlers podcast is a partnership with The Curling News / Sports Illustrated. Listen and watch this podcast at The Curling News / Sports Illustrated website, and you’ll see images and possibly video to enhance your podcast experience.   If you wish to compete at a level where you don’t need to worry about sweeping hard every rock, rebounding between shots, having the strength and balance in your legs to hit the broom and throw the right weight consistently, then getting stronger and fitter than what you need to curl should be your main off-ice goal. Here are 2 tips to upgrade your brushing technique and off-ice training.   Hot take #1. Your brushing position + footwork is NOT like a plank Hot take #2. Brushing should NOT be considered an upper body and core exercise only   Listen on your favourite streaming ap, or below to learn why, and what to do about it. Read more about The Thompson workout HERE Resources:   Episodes pair well:
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The Empowered Performance for Curlers Podcast

Episode 38: Brushing Workout Tips

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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