Episode 37: Jill Officer on Being Yourself and Trusting in the Process 700 420 Stephanie Thompson
Many athletes need to hear that elites aren’t super humans. They have good and bad training days. They have a love and hate relationship with training. There are things they don’t enjoy, don’t want to do, try hard to avoid, or modify to make it easier on the brain. And for coaches, there is a fine balance of pushing athletes to work hard but also realizing that sometimes the vibe isn’t there, and that a mental and/or physical break is important instead of pushing through and risking burnout or injury.   In today’s episode Jill Officer joins me to talk about her experiences as an elite athlete. She walks us through her relationship with developing a training habit, the importance of learning who you are and what value you bring to a team, and her new adventure as the High performance manager of curl Manitoba.   Key topics discussed:
  • What are some foundational movements that a new curler, or youth athlete should focus on mastering to ensure continued success on the ice?
  • How to building buy-in with your athletes when it comes to introducing on- & off-ice training recommendations that will help improve their on-ice performance 
  • What tips does Jill have from her experience when it comes to developing and following a consistent training regime? Especially for when you don’t want to get up off that couch
  • We discuss how motivation (driven by emotion) is usually always there. It is discipline that is important to develop and review because these are our habits and routines surrounding your priorities
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Episode 37: Jill Officer on Being Yourself and Trusting in the Process

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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