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Consider today’s episode a SNACK. A shorter, bit-sized episode aiming to inform you about one specific topic. If you’ve got a “quick” question for me, shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to respond with a snack episode just for you. Today’s snack topic is to inform you of the official launch of The Empowered Performance for Young Women in Curling Project. What is it, who is it for, and how can you use it to get the most out of this FREE program? Key resources
  • The Empowered Performance for Young Women in Curling Project —Link
  • Rally Report: Source
Listen here or on your favourite streaming service: Please, share this with a teammate or coach who you know would love to learn more about how to train specifically for curling. I’d love to hear how you and your team are using the program, send me an email steph@empoweredperformance.ca !! 🙂   If you’ve got a SNACK you’d like me to cover, submit your question by emailing steph@empoweredperformance.ca All questions relating to performance are welcome, from the seemingly “simple” to the more complex and specific. I’m here to help you navigate the performance improvement world of competitive sport, in particular curling.   I hope you love it! Take care, Coach Steph To stay as up-to-date as possible, make sure to join the Empowered Performance newsletter and to follow me on Instagram at @empoweredperformance

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Episode 22: Young Women in Curling Project (Snack)

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


R.Kin, B.Ed, CSEP-CPT, Competition Development Coach in training, 200 RYT in training
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