Episode 20: How do you want to feel? with Dr. Nicole Dubuc-Charbonneau 826 474 Stephanie Thompson
In today’s episode I am joined by Nicole Dubuc-Charbonneau, a mental performance consultant based out of Sudbury Ontario, but works with high performance athletes across Northern and Southern Ontario.    We touch on some of the fundamental mental training concepts that athletes and humans at every level can benefit from. From improving self awareness as an athlete, and honing your facilitator skills as a coach or parent, Nicole and I talk about ways you can improve your perception and experience on the ice so you can enjoy your time with your team.   3 main tips to listen for in this episode
  1. How to regulate your emotions and adjust what you are doing to feel the way you want to feel
  2. Learning to manage your own emotions without relying on others
  3. Some tips you can use during a game to find the desired level of focus and attention
Key links mentioned:
  • Nicole’s previous research on burnout in high performing athletes link
  • Shoutout to her home club & all the clubs in the Sudbury area: Coniston Curling Club
  • Amethyst Curling Camps
  • If you’d like to work with Nicole: ngdubuc@gmail.com
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Episode 20: How do you want to feel? with Dr. Nicole Dubuc-Charbonneau

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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