Episode 10: Terri Weeks on Curling Injuries being Common but not Normal 150 150 Stephanie Thompson
In today’s episode I bring on Masters student, coach and competitive curler Terri Weeks. We chat about how her research around preventing knee pain in childcare workers can be translated into the sport of curling.   Key topics:
  • Her research findings and hypothesis’ that are relevant to curling and preventing knee pain
  • What does she mean when she says 30 repetitions is the threshold for knee flexion and osteoarthritis risk
  • Why there is a gap in research specific to curling whether it be training or technical performance
  • Progressive overload — why it matters in your training and your return to curling plan
  • How strength training can help condition your cartilage for the demands of the sport
  • Why prioritizing rest is prioritizing your performance
  • How to choose a shoe for your curling goals based on your body
  • Her lesson for empowering your life & performance
Listen here:   Relevant links:   Shoe manufacturers looking to collab, or if you want to fund our curling specific research email steph@empoweredperformance.ca (you’ve gotta listen to the epi to learn why this is not a joke)   If you want to work with Terri, or have a question about her research you can email her at weekst_23@live.ca   Coach Steph

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Episode 10: Terri Weeks on Curling Injuries being Common but not Normal

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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