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In today’s episode I walk you through the 2019 Canada’s Food Guide. What it is, and how you can use it as an athlete to better your health and performance.   I dive deep into not only the recommended “what” to eat, but the CDFG recommendations for “how” to eat to help you create a better relationship with food.   Key Links:   Key Points: → Listen to the episode & refer to the resources above for more information
  • Order of importance:
    • The right quantity → Are you eating enough? Too much?
    • The right quality → Are you eating a wide variety of foods that include diverse nutrients (carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals)
    • Appropriate timing of meals and nutrients → This matters, but what you eat matters more than what time
    • Then we worry about if you need supplements → Like protein, creatine, BCAA’s, etc.
  • Snapshot recommendations (refer to photo below)
    • Have plenty of fruits and vegetables
    • Eat protein foods
    • Choose whole grain foods
    • Make water your drink of choice
  • Healthy eating is more than the foods that you eat:
    1. Be mindful of your eating habits
    2. Cook more often
    3. Enjoy your food
    4. Eat meals with others
    5. Use food labels
    6. Limit highly processed foods
    7. And recognizing that marketing can influence your food choices
  Disclaimer: Remember that these are general nutrition recommendations onlg. The advice provided in the episode, show notes and resources are not meant to replace the advice of a Regulated Health Care Practitioner. Please use critical thinking and judgment before making drastic changes to your diet, and seek out the advice of a Registered Dietitian or your family physician if you have any questions or concerns.   Don’t miss out on future episodes, research, freebies and programs offered by Empowered Performance by signing up for the free newsletter here.  

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Episode 06: Basic Nutrition for Curlers

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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