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A space for curlers to learn and discuss various curling specific tools and resources to help improve performance and enjoyment of the game.

Episode 08: Glenn Gabriel from Coaching Kids Curling on Connection & Community
In today’s episode I interview the host and producer of The Coaching Kids Curling Podcast. Glenn Gabriel was inspired to create his podcast to fill in a gap in resources specific for coaching kids.   We talk about imposter syndrome as a coach, creating a safe community for all club members and fostering a love […]
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Episode 07: Mark Nichols on all things training, nutrition & curling camps
In today’s episode I am joined by World Champion & Olympic Gold medalist Mark Nichols.   We touch on our mutual passion for working with others, educating ourselves and taking care of our mind and body so that we can compete and play.   Mark shares his learnings from decades of curling success, his own […]
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Episode 06: Basic Nutrition for Curlers
In today’s episode I walk you through the 2019 Canada’s Food Guide. What it is, and how you can use it as an athlete to better your health and performance.   I dive deep into not only the recommended “what” to eat, but the CDFG recommendations for “how” to eat to help you create a […]
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Episode 05: It’s all in the Hips
In today’s episode I walk you through how to bring more muscles to the party in the hack, in your delivery & in your training. I share with you my favourite movements and go-to cue when it comes to trying to improve balance, power, confidence and decrease likelihood of pain?   Listen in to dive […]
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Episode 04: Avoid These 8 Mistakes I Made Training to be a Fitter Curler
In today’s episode I walk you through 8 of the mistakes I made over the past 15 years on my quest to be a stronger, fitter and more confident competitive curler.   Don’t mess around with your goals. Regularly assess your progress, reassess the program you are following, & make sure that every aspect of […]
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Episode 03: Shut Your Mouth —The Key to Better Breathing
In today’s episode I am going to share what I’ve learned over the past decade about something we do 24-2800 times a day. Something that is influenced and influences your emotions, your mental state, your satiety, your sleep patterns, and how well you get the most out of everyday activities. It’s often overlooked, and oversimplified […]
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Episode 02: How to Gain the Most From Watching Curling
In today’s episode I share my tips to making sure you as a Curler are not just watching and enjoying the game, but also learning everything you can about the sport and looking for ways for you to personally improve.   This is a reminder that every game you watch can be valuable to your […]
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Episode 01: Welcome to the Show
In today’s episode I share my story and expertise on training the entire athlete to be best prepared for the demands of the sport of curling. You get a chance to learn a little more about me, and why you’ll want to not only listen, but subscribe and share with your team. We discuss the […]
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