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Curling Analysis Worksheet
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Curling OFFSZN Application
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Curling #OFFSZN Application

This survey should be completed by each individual or team member who wishes to participate.

Coaching staff are also encouraged to complete the survey, as I wish to learn more about what their thoughts are on the team's movement strengths, weaknesses and efficiencies. All information is collected in confidentiality in order to provide the best service possible. Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Curling OFFSZN Info Request
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#OFFSZN Programming

For immediate access to a full outline of the Empowered Performance #OFFSZN program, please fill in this form.
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PARQ Readiness Form
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Get Active Questionnaire


Physical activity improves your physical and mental health. Even small amounts of physical activity are good, and more is better.

For almost everyone, the benefits of physical activity far outweigh any risks. For some individuals, specific advice from a Qualified Exercise Professional (QEP – has post-secondary education in exercise sciences and an advanced certification in the area – see or health care provider is advisable. This questionnaire is intended for all ages – to help move you along the path to becoming more physically active.

Waiver & Release Form
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