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No Curling? No Problem!
Hey curling fam! There are a lot of emotions surrounding our respective curling seasons. Some of you have access to ice, and some of you don’t. Regardless, it seems like everyone’s “Normal” curling season has been shifted and we have all the feels; disappointment, anger, frustration, fear, regret, you name it. As a perpetual optimist […]
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You’ve got to pick one; open or closed
Glenn Paulley said it best “sweeping is what makes curling an Olympic sport, but it is the most under-coached aspect of the game”. Sadly my own curling has been put on hold this year, but that means I’ve had way more time to watch a lot of curling, and am grateful to get to work […]
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What is the *best* Mask to Wear for Curling?
You’ve asked, & now I’ve (finally) answered;   “What is the best mask to wear for curling?”. *edit [submitted recommendations & reviews found below] I am not a doctor, but here is what I have learned from a lot of smart people.   What we don’t know: A crap-tonne, don’t get me started.   Let’s […]
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Don’t Make These 2 Off-Season Mistakes Ever Again
I want to save you time. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Give this bad boy a read. Mistake #1: I trained for the sake of training, without a plan and without a focus. Solution #1: Reverse engineer your goals & plan out your off-season training Why? Specific goals require focused training. Make sure that […]
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Listen to my interview with Rocks Across the Pond, the Curling Podcast
Big thanks to Ryan and Jonathan from Rocks Across the Pond for having me on their podcast last week. I talk nerdy, and I talk fast. All about training specifically for curling.   We’ve been gifted with an extra month or 2 in our off-season, and we dive into some of the big and some […]
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Q&A: Fitness and Curling
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Sweeping Off-Ice: How to make and use your own dryland sweeping pad
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Fitness Advice for Competitive & League Curlers
This is a 4 part series where I will discuss topics including warm up, cool downs, practice efficiency and maintaining strength during a busy competitive season. You can find the series on TSL Curling as well.   Part 1: Warm-Up Essentials for Every Curler The following are some tips to help get everyone of all […]
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Featured on JackedScholar.com!
My updated Top 10 Health Benefits of Urban Poling article was featured on www.jackedscholar.com Check it out here. Happy Poling, Stephanie
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