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“Curlers who experience less pain and more strength & fitness, are able to play and practice more, perform better, & enjoy their time on the ice longer”

~Stephanie Thompson, R.Kin, Empowered Performance


Who is the Kickstarter for?

For those that realized the curling season is only a few weeks away and are in need a toolbox of resources to help them move better, breath better and improve their on-ice performance.
  Are you worried about remembering how to curl? If you’ll be able to sweep post-to-post? Or if you will be able to move the next day? The Kickstarter is for you.   Is this the year you want to have more balance, strength and confidence during your league games or playdowns? The Kickstarter is for you.   Have you been looking for a way to supplement your fun summer activities (golf, swimming, cottaging, hiking, etc) with some curling specific recommendations? The Kickstarter is for you.   Are you a coach looking for ways to provide extra off-ice value to your team? The Kickstarter is for you.   Don’t wait until the season starts to begin working on your performance. Start now.  

The Back to Curling Kickstarter is …

6+ weeks of progressive strength, cardio and mobility training created by a curler, for a curler. Helping you to be prepared to step on the ice with more confidence, improved performance and increased enjoyment of the game we all love. It is is a toolbox consisting of 3 sections:
  • Work Hard (strength)
  • Hurry Hard (cardio & brushing work)
  • Recovery hard (yoga sequences for curlers)

Work Hard

  • 3x/ week 30 min strength training program
  • Both beginner & advanced exercise variations
  • Improve balance, strength, power & confidence

Hurry Hard

  • Cardio recommendations for any activity
  • 3-phase dryland brushing progressions
  • Improve endurance, rebounding between shots & brushing technique

Recover Hard

  • Yoga designed specifically for athletes, by a curler, for curlers of any level
  • Strength, stretch, balance, & breath work to supplement or upgrade current program
  • Improve comfort, balance, flexibility & focus
  Complete all 3 sections as a progressive program, or use the individual sections to supplement your summer activities, sports and group workout sessions to make sure you are preparing your mind and body specifically for curling.  

To find out if the Kickstarter Program is right for you, email

Providing tools & education to move better & improve performance. Proudly Canadian.

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Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson

R.Kin, B.Ed, CSEP-CPT, Competition Development Coach in training, 200 RYT in training
On & Off Ice rehab & performance training. Providing tools and education to move better & play better.

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