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Enter the curling club in 2024 with confidence,

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The problem is curlers worldwide don’t know the how, why and what behind training specifically for improving their performance on the curling ice.

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  Thank YOU! This is the fourth year in a row I’ve had the privilege of running curling specific training webinars for you, your team and your coaches!  

Things are going to look a bit different this year:

  • I am running one webinar addressing Full Season Curling Training considerations. Join me on May 28, 2023 at 1pm EST to dive into the how, what, when and why behind improving your fitness and health so that you can enjoy your time on the ice more.
  • I am partnering with The World Curling Academy for 3 Virtual Fitness Workshops; covering topics specific to improving your fitness for brushing, balance and power, and cardio for curling. Join me on June 11, 25 and July 9 at 1pm EST for an interactive learning experience.
  • I am presenting on Strength Training for both U15 and U18 athletes on June 6th
  • All programs are now sold separately. See the Offseason Menu to learn which program is right for you.
  These webinars and workshops are for athletes looking to gain an edge on their competition. Whether you’ve been maintaining your fitness, or are looking to start over, there is a program for you. Curlers of all level of play are invited, and the information provided are beneficial regardless of your experience with fitness. And because this is the fourth iteration, that means there are 2-3 versions of each program depending on what you are looking for. This series is not for athletes who aren’t looking to learn more about their body, and the demands of the sport we all love. If you are looking for a customized program experience coupled with regular accountability this might not be the best fit for you. See the Offseason Menu to find a program or level of coaching that is right for you.  
Keep reading to learn more about each webinar and program ...

The Ultimate Full Season Training Webinar (EP host)

May 28, 2023 at 1pm EST $30 CDN, taxes included
There are 2 main problems: #1. is that athletes don’t train specifically for curling. Mostly because they don’t know how, what or why. #2. is that you train hard all summer long, but then when the season comes you either continue your workouts, or stop working out all together; both set you up for injury, loss of fitness and negatively affect your performance.
The reality is that doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity, and showing up each year hoping that a practice or two early in the year will be all you need to improve your performance is insane. It’s also so easy to prioritize being on the curling ice or in the gym too much and set yourself up for injury and loss of fitness if you neglect your physical fitness in-season. This mentality and lack of education leads to frustration, stagnant performance and possible injury. In The Ultimate Full Season Training Webinar athletes will learn about the general demands of the sport of curling as it pertains to both fitness requirements and positional demands. You will learn how to structure your off-ice time to help you achieve the goals you set in the goal setting session. And you will learn how to manage your time, energy and efforts in the gym to avoid burnout and maximize performance.
  • For the athlete who knows that including some form of focused training program into their daily activities will help improve their performance as a whole. They know that healthy humans make healthy athletes and healthy athletes can practice & play more, with less pain and more confidence.
  • Learn how to prioritize certain aspects of fitness so that your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility can help you perform, and not distract you from making shots and having fun with your friends.
  • Discover what needs to be in a successful offseason program; what exercises, when, and how much are important for ensuring a strong and enjoyable curling game.
  • The Ultimate Offseason Program (4 levels) is a perfect add to this webinar

Better Brushing with Off Ice Training WCA Workshop

June 11, 2023 at 1pm EST, $15 USD There are a few problems … … #1 is that after your first learn-to-curl program, you can go years without further instruction on how to brush effectively and efficiently, often picking up tips and tricks here and there … that might not be appropriate for your abilities and style of sweeping. … #2 is that curling has evolved so much over the past few decades. You might have played for years or decades, and have relied on tv broadcasters, your coaches, and each other to solve the mysteries of how to be a better brusher. … #3 is that to brush effectively is a lot more than just the positions you are in. Many athletes experience overuse injuries, or compensation injuries because you do not prepare yourself appropriately in your off-ice training to best adapt to the ever-changing demands of being a great brusher on the ice. All of these cause a lack of confidence, and most curlers just don’t know where to find information.
How should you hold the broom? Where should your feet go? What muscles do you need to use the most to not only be effective, but efficient as a brusher. All questions we will dive into in this webinar, and all things you can train for and practice within the Better Brushing program.   The reality is, that becoming a better brusher not only helps make your body feel better throughout a tournament weekend, but increases your teams shot tolerance. & who doesn’t want to help their teammates make more shots? Athletes will learn how to utilize dryland drills, at-home strength training, and prepare themselves for future on-ice drills. Learn about the different brushing positions and the accompanying footwork, as well as how to determine what position is right for you and your body. If you struggle with applying more pressure, coordinating your limbs, or increasing your stroke rate, you can use the off-ice time to best prepare you for your on-ice practices. Best paired with: The Better Brushing program (3 levels) Registration is now open HERE

Balance and Power in the Delivery WCA Workshop

June 25, 2023 at 1pm EST, $15 USD Speed wobbles, balance issues, struggles with hitting the broom, an inconsistent delivery, weight control and generating power. What do all of these have in common? Many of these struggles stem from issues with your balance. Your ability to coordinate the mobility and stability required by the lower body and trunk during a shot can influence your performance regardless of if you compete in the Friday mixed league or on the Slam tour. The reality is that if your goal is bigger hit weight, simply pushing harder will only get you so far. If your goal is better balance eyes closed drills, sliding through cones and tossing rocks without a broom will only demonstrate an improvement of balance. Speed up your performance goals by maximizing your off ice time by improving your own body awareness and physical literacy. Gaining mobility from a place of strength makes generating power easier, and decreases your risk of potential injuries in the short and long term. Athletes will learn about how to please the Queen Bee; the nervous system, so that it will grant them a better position, faster, with more power, and more often. If you want to be an efficient athlete, you need to become stronger.
Could your lack of balance be throwing you off & influencing the ease at which you can reach your highest potential?
  • For the athlete who struggles with balance, stability, creating a consistent delivery, and hitting the broom. Can be used to improve weight control, power generation and manage/prevent injuries.
  • The best program to ;earn how to find strength, stability and mobility in your lower body with less pain and more confidence? The Better Balance Program (see here). The program centres around single leg strength, and trunk stability. The program provides progressions to help get you from point A to point B
Registration is now open HERE

Cardio for Curling WCA Workshop

July 25, 2023 at 1pm EST, $15 USD The problem is that athletes may be struggling with the ability to work hard, recover, and maintain their energy and endurance throughout an entire game but they don’t know how to cater their off-ice training specifically to improve their performance. What most humans do 24-8000 times a day is breathing, and most of us are breathing too much. A key topic in the webinar will be around how over breathing can provide detrimental effects to our health and performance. Most athletes, don’t know how to make the most of their day-to-day activities, as well as how to train specifically for cardio-respiratory specific curling struggles. Many performance gaps related to movement, energy, and focus issues may stem from issues with breathing. When we don’t maximize this vital part of life, we set ourselves up for potential injury, and struggle to reach our own potential. Rebounding between shots mentally and physically is one of the top struggles curlers at all levels strive to improve on. Many don’t know what to do, so they don’t do anything, or fall back to their old faithfuls.
Athletes will learn how to breath less, and how to do more with less. Couple with Better Breathing program which includes daily activities, tests, specific breathing and relaxation exercises, and direction to maximize your own cardio focused program. Registration is now open HERE
How to sign up? If you’re ready to make this the off-season that you take charge of your health, fitness and performance, email “webinar series” to steph@empoweredperformance.ca OR, Sign up NOW below:
  • For The Ultimate Full Season Training Webinar here
  • For The Virtual Workshop Bundle $40 USD here
  • For Better Brushing Workshop only $15 USD here
  • For Balance and Power in the Delivery Workshop only $15 USD here
  • For Cardio for Curling Workshop only $15 USD here
Don’t know which webinar is the right one for you? We can hop on a quick 10 min call to go over the details and help you find clarity around your goals.   Join the newsletter here to gain access to a FREE 20-min movement and fitness self-assessment.   Happy training, Coach Steph — Work Hard — Hurry Hard — Play Hard —  

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